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litecoin price

Litecoin Price | December 13th 2017 | $317

litecoin price

The entire cryptocurrency market has rallied during the first two weeks of December, fueled by Bitcoin futures trading and increased adoption rates across the globe. The price of Litecoin has increased over 300% in just a matter of days, thanks to Coinbase becoming the number one app in the app store. Fortune also featured an article on Litecoin during its meteoric rise in the last week.

Many newcomers to the cryptocurrency space are rumored to be buying Litecoin because of its lower price point and chance to provide massive gains relative to the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum. HODLers of Litecoin have been saying that it was undervalued for the majority of 2017 because of its adoption of SegWit and successful testing of atomic swaps and the Lightning Network.

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