Iota Wallet [Set up and generate seed]

Written November 25, 2017

As of November 2017, the only wallet that supports Iota outside of exchange wallets (Bitfinex and Binance). Please note, we will keep this article updated with all the latest version of the Iota wallet and additional wallets which will eventually support Iota.

The Official Iota Wallet can be found on the Iota Foundation's GitHub page:

The  current version (as of November 25, 2017) of the Iota wallet is v2.5.4.

Follow these steps to download your Iota wallet and set up your Iota wallet:

  1. Download the latest version wallet from the official Iota Github page (link above).
  2. Generate a 81 character seed with the digit 9 in it. See below on instructions about how to generate a seed. 
  3. Use your seed to log into the Iota wallet. 
  4. If you have any connection issues, make sure you are connected to the Internet. Go to Tools>Edit Node Configuration and change the host of the node your are connected to. Try a few different ones until you are connected.
  5. See the tutorial in the Youtube video if you experience any issues.

Generating a seed:
In order to generate a seed for your Iota wallet, you will need to generate a total random 81 character with this digit 9 in the seed.

BEWARE: Do not use any online seed generators. Most (if not ALL) online seed generator websites for Iota are scams and will record the seed to steal your funds. Instead use a method that generates a totally random 81 character seed offline.
If you are running a Mac OS, you can simply use the code below in Python to generate a total random seed.
To ensure you are completely secure, you an turn off the wifi and disconnect from any internet services while generating the seed. Please see the see video below for instructions on how to use the code below to generate your Iota seed using a Mac Operating System.

Terminal Python Seed Generator Code:

from random import SystemRandom
generator = SystemRandom()
print(u''.join(generator.choice(alphabet) for _ in range(81)))

Watch our full tutorial on how to generate a seed in the video below:

Once you have your Iota Seed generated and saved on paper (and offline) in a safe place, you can open the Iota Wallet and paste in the seed and press "Login".  Once your are logged into your seed, can start using your Iota wallet to send and receive Iotas.

Receive Iota: 
In the Iota wallet, press "Receive". Here you will see the public key which you can provide to the person who is sending you Iota. Before using the public key be sure you press "Attach to Tangle" and make sure the public key has been attached the the Tangle before initiating any funds to be received.

seed generator - December 23, 2017

not all online generators are scam. for more security you can generate seed on them and change some characters to keep more safe..

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