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How to send Bitcoin to your TREZOR Wallet

Send Bitcoin to Trezor

How to send Bitcoin to TREZOR Wallet

  1. Login to your TREZOR Wallet on TREZOR.io
  2. Open Bitcoin Wallet and obtain Receiving address
  3. Paste Receiving address into your sending wallet or scan QR code
  4. Send Bitcoin!

Sending Bitcoin to your TREZOR wallet is extremely simple. Don't forget, it is still extremely early in the life of cryptocurrencies. These processes will become more streamlined and easier to use as blockchain technology matures and user interfaces adapt. Soon you won't even realize you are communicating with the blockchain!

Login to TREZOR Wallet

Connect your TREZOR device to your computer and login to your TREZOR Wallet by going to TREZOR.io

TREZOR Wallet Login
Go to your Bitcoin Wallet

Select your BitcoinWallet from the dropdown at the top lefthand side of the screen

TREZOR Wallet Bitcoin
Copy your TREZOR Receiving address or use QR code

Click the Receive tab next to Transactions at the top to obtain your Bitcoin address that needs to be pasted into your sending wallet. I was transferring bitcoin from my Coinbase wallet so I scanned the QR code instead. 


Theoreticcaly, scanning the QR code should not yield an incorrect result - but, you never know. Sending money around scanning QR codes is a little new to me... I'm sure we will get over this as a society.

bitcoin transfer phone

For this example, I'm using Coinbase. Paste this new address as the destination address from your sending wallet.

Send Bitcoin!

Hit the send button, and sit back and relax. My Bitcoin was transferred in 20 hours the first time!  Speeds did increase the next day as complaints across the market were heard due to the August 1st 2017 Hard Fork. At the time of this writing in August 2017, we are awaiting for Segwit2x to activate in about 2 weeks. Transactions speeds are expected to be improved dramatically, hopefully similar to Litecoin which has been successfully running SegWit for the past few months.


The TREZOR Wallet is super easy to use. Sending bitcoin was a breeze, I wish I had more bitcoin laying around I could send to my TREZOR Wallet!

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